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72                               LETTERS   FROM   THE

behaved most insolently.1 The Tiers Etats have
now established themselves apart as an assemblee
nationale, with M. Bailly as their president, who
convoked them in a tennis-court, where they have
sworn to resist the clergy and the nobles,2 The
Duke d'Orleans attends this new assembly and
the Ev£que d'Autun (Talleyrand) makes himself
very conspicuous.

The King has at length been prevailed upon
to send for troops, and the Mar£chal de Broglie is
ordered to come with twelve thousand men. Mira-
beau has brought an address to the King from the
assembly demanding a counter order, and it has
been presented by the Count de Clermont-Tonnerre.
I do not know the result.

July i6tk.

Necker is dismissed and banished from France,
and the Baron de Breteuil is come in.   This has

1  The language here alluded to is that held by Mirabeau,
both to the King himself and to the Duke de Brez6, Grand
Master of the Ceremonies, who came by order of Louis to
dissolve the sittings of the Tiers 6tats.    It was then that
Mirabeau rose and said, " Go and tell him that sent you
that we are here through the force of the people and that
nothing shall remove us but the force of bayonets."

2  This was the celebrated oath known as the " Serment
du Jeu de Paume."